Akiros's Report on Varn

Topper Red recently approached me with what he called a ‘bribe’ of 3 gold pieces. He was asking me for information about Magnar Varn. I’m not sure why he would pay me to do his job but I looked into Varn anyway. I figured that I would just tell you all what I have found, mostly by talking to the group he traveled here with.

Maegar Varn is the third son of Androth Varn, a Brevic baron of Issian descent. As such, he does not stand to inherit his father’s title and holdings, and the opportunity to found a colony offered by the swordlords is likely his best chance to make his fortune.

He is Varnhold’s lord-governer and founder, a noble who achieved some measure of fame in the past decade leading a group of mercenaries known as the Varnling Host. I spoke to several people who had fought with him or spoken at length with him. While a handful felt he was imperious and cold, most describe him as demanding but fair, with a genuine concern about the welfare of the people of Varnhold. Also noted was a love of the arts and learning, he spent several of his formative years in Taldor’s colleges.

Varn’s council and closest companions at Varnhold include:
Howitt Gurney—former adventuring companion, now weapons master, armorer, and sergeant-at-arms of Varnhold
Caspar Morgarion—longtime adventuring companion, cleric of Erastil
Willas Gundearson—former henchman, now march warden of Varnhold
Cephal Lorentus—former adventuring companion, wizard
Cephal the wizard and Howitt the weapons master have come here along with Varn.

Varn himself is rumored to be formidable with the sword and lance, well-versed in fighting from horseback and in leading men. Also notable is his use of battle song to raise the spirits of those around him. Varn together with his companions are an incredibly effective fighting force. One former mercenary told me of a a battle with a massive hard-shelled aquatic beast that attacked and killed several men near Varnhold’s current ford, in the earliest days of the settlement. Varn and his companions nearly killed it forcing the creature to flee.

The city of Varnhold rests in a wide valley between two low mountains. There are two established routes into the town. One following the road south from Nivakta’s Crossing, and another an overland route through the wilderness and a low spot in the Tors. Since Varnhold was founded, locals have begun to refer to the pass as Varnhold Pass.

Akiros's Report on Varn

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